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Jemma Upson – About Me

2H2A3435I am a full time mother to 3 sweet little kiddies, a wife to my high school sweetheart, a daughter, sister and aunty to a loving family in NZ and a photographer.  Once upon a time I was an audiologist, a profession I chose because I thought it would be easy to work part time once I had children… then I had my daughter and instead of wanting to go back to work part-time I wanted to stay home and capture everything about her in photography so that I would never forget how beautiful and innocent she was.  I rediscovered my creative side and suddenly my science life no longer seemed important and instead I threw any spare time I had into learning about photography, reading creative websites, making costumes, taking photos and creating story books as keepsakes. 18 months later I had a darling little boy and 21 months after that I had another little sweetie and when I started suggesting it was time for number 4 because “I had so many more baby photoshoot ideas” my husband politely suggested I should start a photography business and take photos of OTHER people’s babies instead!!  I took the hint, we did house renovations which included a dedicated photo studio and here I am, ready to capture all those beautiful things about your darling little ones.  It’s probably a good thing as I now have to bribe my children with pocket money to do photoshoots for me!!  I never understood people who loved going to work… now I do.  I adore photography.  If I’m having a bad day then all I need to turn it around is a photo shoot and as soon as I hear the click of the camera I forget what was bothering me.

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